Call. Call.

Now that the webzine is off the ground we require submissions more than ever.
We're looking for any kind of writing, but we would also like to receive some visual artwork.
So, if you're a dab hand with an electronic paintbrush (or with a real one and you have a digital camera/scanner), please send your piccy's in via our Submit Page.

First News by Robert Ayvah

Well, there's finally something up that resembles the website that will be Pretzels. I've been really lazy with this news section so far -- it being only a modified version of the code used for "Articles", but then, all of the php on this website is based on the same piece of code, so that's nothing unique.

Anyway, check out the first editorials and the first contributions of Pretzels! If anything doesn't work, I expect y'all to complain vigorously


Welcome to the first update regarding Pretzels, the online zine edited byyakboy and designed by ayvah.

As you may be aware, we have decided to go with off-site hosting so that we can have all sorts of spiffy features like an index.
A very big thank you to ayvah for volunteering to design the website as well as to provide the hosting space.
As soon as the "first issue" is finalised I will be posting the URL here and at my personal journal, so you won't miss out.

Of course, so far no-one has befriended this lonely little journal so I guess no-one's even reading this. :-(